“Which of You Deserves Me?”

Claudia (blonde), through suggestive text messages, had invited both Bree (brunette) and Rosalind (redhead) to come over. Each woman believed, as they accepted the exciting invitation, that they were the blonde’s only lover. A belief that was intentionally shattered when both women arrived at Claudia’s, and saw the other wearing not but the barest of outfits, beneath their long black jackets.

They each looked to the blonde for answers, but she responded with only a question.

“Which of you deserves me?”

What she meant was clear, as it matched exactly a fantasy the young woman had described in great detail to her two lovers. A catfight between two women, to see who deserved the love of another.

As the realization of what Claudia wanted began to set in, both women closed in on her, and in the process each other. Rosalind, wanting to respond in a more intimate fashion, reached out to place a hand on the blonde’s thigh, only to find her fingers caught by those of Bree, who was intent on making sure the redhead never again touched the women to which she laid claim.

Rosalind, quickly and forcefully retracted her hand, but since Bree refused to release it, the two found themselves and their bodies pulled into and against each other.

The brunette was ready, not just to win Claudia’s hand, but to play every bit the role of fighter that the blonde had described in her fantasies.Rosalind, on the other hand, was nervous. Resistant. Afraid of not only losing, but even taking part in such a unheard of affair. And yet, despite the redhead’s trepidation, she began to wrestle with Bree, grabbing at her tits and twisting – pulling hair and fighting for position.

A battle between the two lovers, soft and sensual as it may have been, did indeed go on. Moves were applied and escaped from. Positions were swapped and traded. Light screams and whimpers were forced and drawn out of each of the girl’s mouths, and pain was at times inflicted. But in the end, Bree’s passion could not be overcome, a fact made truth as she forced Rosalind to submit.

It was then that triumphantly, Bree took Claudine, and in front of the tear-glistened eyes of her defeated rival, tribbed her slowly and exhaustingly to orgasm. The brunette having made sure to illicit as many screams of pleasure as she could from the object of the subjugated’s affection.

When Bree had finished her victory fuck, she looked over to the woman she had just defeated. There she saw that Rosalind had begun to sob at the sight of her love being made to cum by another woman.

Bree, not yet finished, stood up, walked over, and grabbed the redhead by the hair, thereafter dragging her over to Claudine’s juice-covered pussy.Bree: “Clean it, bitch.”

Rosalind: “What?! I don’t….”Bree: “Do it! NOW! You want to see her? You want to feel her skin against yours? Then you are our slave. Nothing more. And you do what I say! So clean off her pussy, then clean mine. Then we fuck you.”

Rosalind: “Ok … I will. Just don’t make me go.” The defeated woman said shortly, before she lowered her head, stuck out her tongue, and began to lick as commanded.

Bree: “Good, bitch.” The cruel brunette mused in approval, as she dropped to her knees, and grabbed the redhead’s hair again for better control over the couple’a newest slave.“


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