Taking Wife Home

Take wife home to meet your mom on Christmas break: Check.Head out to Christmas tree lot to bring home a Christmas tree: Check.Wife and mother get into a barn burning catfight, with viscous attacks on each other’s pussies: Check?It was certainly not Brian’s plan, but it is what happened, according to yesterday’s nanny camera footage.

A catty comment made about his wife’s dress, or lack thereof in his mother’s house. A responding accusation of hypocrisy in reference to his mother’s own lacking adornments. And somewhere within the span of what Brian counted as about 4 complete sentences, a switch was flipped in the only two women in his life, triggering both to step forward. Upon their arrival in the other’s face, they reached, in unison, for the other’s pussy – each digging their claws in, trying to punish the other, seeking not submission, but a release of long pent up rage. Such a direct and personal attack, without any warning or escalation, was shocking, though perhaps only to he who watched.

For years the two women had been speaking secretly on Facebook Messenger. Their dialogue at first was pleasant and cordial, but quickly descended into the hurling of insults, and spitting of accusations. From there, they began to write out, in great detail, what they would do to each other, when next they met. Such discussions moved from threats, to promises, and then descended even into roleplays. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, spending hours a night, for months, imagining how they would hurt and test each other’s bodies, and how they would humiliate the other upon their defeat. Such a triangle would be a nightmare for most men, for most wives and mothers, but not for these three. For Brian is willing to avoid conflict, by staying quiet about what he saw on the tape, and his wife and mother are surprisingly far too enthralled in their own desires, frustrations, and each other, to ever pull the plug on their little family rivalry.


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