ISSA Post: Sexfight Queen of Andalusia

Lucía (braid) and Antonia are sisters. While Antonia is only 19, her older sister is already 23. Their parents are on vacation in the Caribbean and thus Lucía has the house for herself this Saturday, because Antonia was invited to a birthday party. At three o’clock in the morning Antonia came home slightly drunk. There was a lot of chaos in the house and she heard noises from her parents’ bedroom. She sneaked upstairs and secretly watched her sister. Lucía was naked and kissed another naked girl. Then they started to oil their bodies while telling one another that “they’ll destroy each other”. After that they sat down on the bed and started scissoring. By the time she heard the moaning of her sister and the other woman, Antonia knew she shouldn’t see this. But she was way too fascinated. Maybe it was the alcohol.

The next morning, the two sisters sat at the breakfast table, when Antonia told Lucía what she had seen last night. Lucía was obviously uncomfortable. But then she told Antonia how she once found an old adult magazine hidden under their parents’ bed. Their mother was the cover girl and she was described as the Sexfighting Queen of Andalusia. And Lucía tried to follow in her footsteps. Finally, it was clear to Antonia. She also wanted to do what her sister and mother did.

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1 thought on “ISSA Post: Sexfight Queen of Andalusia

  1. Giannis says:

    Antonia wanted to follow same road as her mom and her sister ?
    What a better way than to let them to train her ?


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