ISSA Post: The Witness

Gina (brunette) and Ellie (blonde) are unaware that they’re being watched as they battle it out in the most womanly way. Brenda witnesses her two best friends tribfighting wildly and unrestrainedly by the pool. She had noticed the tension between them for some time, but she didn’t know the reason. Actually, this vacation for three should strengthen their friendship again, but Ellie and Gina didn’t speak a single word to each other. Brenda is accordingly astonished and also a little aroused as she watches the wet spectacle. Little did she suspect that the tension between them was of sexual nature, and yet she was of the opinion that the two might just needed to deal one another a hard fuck. Brenda still didn’t know why Gina and Ellie had quarreled in the first place, but she hoped that this pussy battle would settle it all. Until then, she will enjoy the wonderful sight that this tribadic duel is offering.

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1 thought on “ISSA Post: The Witness

  1. Suri says:

    This is stunning .RR ,if you get in touch with them ,please do ask them to juts mention the name of the performers as well ….


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