Change of Plans

They had been just two of three, when he was there. A man whose name they did not catch, with a cell phone number neither chose to remember. And yet, despite there unfamiliarity with him, something in the way he would let one of them please him, and then the other, but never the two together, made it seem as if he was letting them take turns – testing them.

Who could suck better? Kiss better? Fuck better? Who had the tighter pussy? The nicer butt?

Or at least that’s what each of the girls he took back to a rented hotel room, simply for the purpose of sex, took his method to mean, even though he never said as much, or even hinted at it. Their belief was a poison and a fire, making each sick, and causing their blood to boil, every time he would touch the other, though they knew him not from Adam.

And though it seemed like an eternity in which they vied for his attention and pleasure, finally, their mystery man who had found a way to instill jealousy in women who had no notion of it before, came – grunting to the heavens as he let loose his sperm upon both of their mouths, each of the girls seeming to compete to take in as much of it as they could, and to keep it away from their newly found rival.

But as quickly as the man came, he left, dressing in a hurry and rushing out the heavy hotel door, leaving his two naked conquests alone together with unsettled questions, and their own unsatisfied needs to release.

Contrary to what one might expect, his absence did nothing to stop them. Nothing to quell the fire he had lit. For they had to know now. Had to taste. Had to feel. Had to discover for themselves what he had found in his testing.

And so rather than dressing themselves, and awkwardly parting ways, they each opened their thighs to each other, and rolled together, thereafter sealing their lips, around those of their rival’s. There softly, then sensually, they went to work on each other, gently and freely rolling and exchanging positions, to give each other a fair chance to prove their superiority.

Hours passed, with the sun both setting and rising, with they two gently fucking each other in a true battle of attrition. Until finally they both fell asleep, one on top of the other, each having drawn more orgasms from their rival than they could remember. It was in such a state that the maid found them, each of their tongues only barely withdrawn from the others pussy.

However, rather than calling for the manager or police, said maid, herself having a fond familiarity with the art of sexfighting from her youth, simply shut the door with a loud bang, a sound which woke the two girls, and set them back to work, each trying again, to prove their own dominance over the other.

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