Not Enough Pain

Sometimes there is not enough pain, not enough punishment, not enough humiliation that rivals can inflict upon each other in a single catfight. Sometimes, they must do all that they can to each other, declare a winner for that day alone, only to fight again when they have recovered the strength. But in truth, each fight is only a temporary salve on their wounds – each only abetting the symptoms for a moment, until they began to burn in them again.

Such feuds cannot be settled in combat.

Cannot be ended with pain.

They simply exist. In perpetuity.

Until the rivals have been taken from one another by fate or time, or until they find a way to turn their near endless reservoirs of hate into a passion of a different kind. – Anastasia vs. Leni

Rivals Note:

I really cant emphasize this enough, but this match is one you should go buy. The girls fight not only hard, but at least during their battle, seem to truly hate each other.

Each forcing the other to cry, before the winner, unlike most FoxyCombat fights, can’t seem to find a way to truly punish her defeated rival enough. She who stands triumphant tying her enemy’s throat to the leg of a stool with her own panties, and standing above her, as if she is contemplating if she should humiliate further, or walk away.

I’ve said before that ideas come to me as images, and the memory of this ending returns to me often, and no doubt influences some of my rougher affairs.

1 thought on “Not Enough Pain

  1. goliadmike says:

    I agree that was a fantastic fight. Also when I was a member at FoxyCombat most of the fights left me wanting more.


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