Updated: Sub-Fetishes, Intent, and Breast is Best

This post has been transferred from the original (GoDaddy) blog and then updated to better represent the current state of things.

This story, titled Breast is Best, was to be the first story in a series of fetish-heavy, or more, fetish-focused stories. A category not for my own fetishes, but one for the fetishes of the community.

Whether or not this is clear, I poke around the community in a form and under names other than this one. And when I do, I talk to people and collect their thoughts and preferences. Less in a quiz sort of way, but just in talking about what turns them on.

In that venture, and amongst other things, I’ve discovered a plethora of different fetishes, that are super desired but only with a small subset of the community. Subsets that really haven’t been given a story of their own.

I want, those various small subsets of communities to know that I will be writing pieces that focus on those sub-fetishes, if only for a tale or two. Also, I plan on working those fetishes into other stories, as smaller diversions. So like War on the 85th Floor with Amber and Jennifer’s footfight.

This particular story will be one that centers around lactating mothers. And though for some of you that’ll be a turnoff, to others, it will be like manna from heaven. So, going into this one, I know it might not be my most popular tale, but for some, it might be their absolute favorite. Kind of what happens with each of my stories — everyone liking the ones that hit their particular triggers and disliking the ones that miss them.

Now it won’t be valueless for normal catfight fans, as it is a catfight, but if lactation is a no go, maybe skip it when it’s released.

Now, earlier in this bit I said it was to be the first, and that was is applied, because Prom and Thereafter beat it to release. That being a family fight, one of the sub-fetishes that I wanted to provide with content.

For more on this tale, and other future tales, head on over to the Rival’s Previews page for some tasty sneak peaks.

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