Feel It

Just before it starts, you can feel it in the air, a sexual intensity – a sensual electricity. One can taste it, smell it, with the stimulus growing stronger as the beginning of the affair approaches. A titfight, between two women of near-equal bust, is like no other sport, competition, or battle. It is personal, painful, and yet as pleasing as any other endeavor. Breast presses against breast, nipple fences against nipple, and lips hover reluctantly, resisting the ever-present urge to join their owner in combat against those of their rival. It may seem like a fight at times, and sex at others, but which is it?



And yet, so much more.


3 thoughts on “Feel It

  1. Melissa Yadin says:

    This is a very feminine way to battle. Having your tits batter and destroy your rival will bring ecstasy but losing will be devastating. I’m considering challenging a rival to do this but I’m hesitant as to what will be if I lose


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