One of Three Ways

An effective resistance to an attack can only last as long as one can concentrate on maintaining it, and nothing breaks focus quite like a bite. For a bite is not just painful, but often unexpected, as most women, even enemies, avoid crossing such a violent line, as a bite from one, leads to a bite from their rival, and then reprisal, again and again.

Some catfights, in which such a line is crossed, even devolve into battles, where each opponent’s sole purpose is to use their teeth to tear at their rival’s most sensitive of places – forgetting tactic and tussle – hold and submission, instead focusing solely on vengeance for those bites their enemy has inflicted. But as legs wrap around legs, and hands and fingers lock together, women are often left with only one defense to their opponent’s mouth: their own. Leaving rivals’ teeth to clash against one another, and jaws to seal shut in mutual confinement, so that both might to trap and restrain the last remaining weapon left to the woman with whom they war.

From there, a battle between rivals can goes one of three ways: first the engaged enemies may remain stuck together, locked in a viscous, and at times bloody stalemate for hours. Second, the mutual bite may be broken, freeing both women to resume their biting attacks. Or third, rather than continue to do what may possibly be permanent damage to one another, women may turn bites to kisses – leaning on tongues and not teeth, as each seeks to deescalate a war neither can afford to win, lose, or even survive.

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