It is shocking when she offers it to you.

When she slides her panties down her sexy chocolate thighs before you have a chance to match her, and dares you. “Show me what you can do, bitch.”

Your surprise comes not from any sense of propriety or prudishness, as you knew, when you arrived, that you and your black rival were to fight one another in a fuck. And though you knew what was to occur when you knocked upon her door, you did not expect your rival to present to you an opening with which you could destroy her.

Astonished though you are, as your look telling of as much fades, you scoot down from your seat to the floor, and then dive between and towards her foolishly presented center.

Wanting to make her regret her arrogance.

Intending to make her brazen act of disrespect the last she ever makes, before you own her.

Before you place the collar you brought in your purse around her neck.

But if you can’t. If she bests you.

It will be you who truly knows to whom ownership is owed.

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