Nervous Excitement

Two men watch in a state of nervous excitement, as a joke between their girlfriends in the shower, one made about sexual experience and skill, escalates into something far more heated, and far more physical. Breasts press against breasts, and lips hover precariously, threatening to engage. The moment is one that the two men, and in truth both women, had imagined since they first met.

And so they each take their time, moving slow, savoring the moment, and teasing not only the men who watch but each other.

There is no rush, no place to be, no interruptions that might come between them, they are free to engage here. Now, and on every occasion, they meet thereafter, the feeling of joy and excitement wells in each woman. For they know that each such moment is but the first of many opportunities to test one another – each an individual battle, in a war they each hope never ends.

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