Do You Ever…?

Nikki (Black Hair): “Do you ever … uh…. I mean … do you remember what Brad wanted us to do when we found out he was sleeping with both of us?”

Becky (Brown Hair): “Huh…? You mean when he wanted us to fight over him?”

Nikki: “Well, not fight, but yeah….”

Becky: “Ok, ‘fuck fight’ over him, or ‘sexfight’ or whatever he called it. I remember that, yeah – pretty hard to forget. He was sooo not worth it.”

Nikki: “But somebody would be…? Worth it?”

Becky: “I mean, I don’t know. You never know…. I’m not saying I want to fight you, or that…. Look, nevermind … I’m not making any sense….”

Nikki: “No, it’s ok. I know what you mean. I just….”

Becky: “You just what…”

Nikki: “What if … like … we didn’t need a guy to do … /that/.”

Becky: “To sexfight?”

Nikki: “Yeah.”

Becky: “Do you even know how?”

Nikki: “Yes, and so do you.”

Becky: “WHAT!? I don’t kn….”

Nikki: “Don’t lie, girl, I found the videos on your computer, Becky. That’s how I learned. And that’s how I knew you were thinking about this too.”

Becky then without a word sat up, took her head out of her roommate’s lap, and rose up onto her knees on the couch. There, with her eyes filled with a strange mix of embarrassment, confusion, and excitement, she gazed into Nikki’s eyes.

Nikki: “Please?”

The plea was only answered by a smirk that took to Becky’s lips, before she dove atop her roommate, and into the very act that she had been obsessed with since their mutual ex proposed the idea.

2 thoughts on “Do You Ever…?

  1. Giannis says:

    The photo could be better for my taste but the text was GREAT !!

    1. Rival's Rapture says:

      It isn’t the hottest photo, but to me it spoke to what I wanted. Which was them just being themselves, and then one half-awkwardly brings it up.


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