A Single Purchase

A single purchase, by Kim and her daughter, Mira – of the same top – made separately, and without intention to match – has lead to this.

At first it was nothing – just a coincidence. A funny little occurrence of chance. A similarity in taste. Nothing more than an ice-breaker at dinner.

Since they first laid their eyes upon on the other in that top, however, first examined how it matched their curves and flats, they have each thought of nothing else. Does it look better on her? Look how perky Mira’s tits are. I can’t believe how big mother’s breasts look. I could beat her. I could best her. I’m the hottest blonde in this house. The questions and thoughts run rampant through their minds – a fire that can only be quenched in one way – a desire that can only be purged through the doing of the same.

It is wrong, they know. Mira’s father – Kim’s husband would be furious if he knew, and yet…. Without his knowledge or consent, as he sits on an airplane traveling across country for work, his wife and daughter prepare to test one another – tease one another – make each other scream in delight. Not to end a feud, but to start one. Not to rid themselves of a rival, but to create and cling to one, in each other.

Neither has ever been more excited. Neither has ever wanted anything more.

3 thoughts on “A Single Purchase

  1. Giannis says:

    Come on you teaser !!
    ALL OF IT !! In any juicy detail !!

    P.S. The photo fits perfectly to the text. Great !!


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