Need to Know

“I … I want to share him with you.” Melanie said softly, her nose and lips hovering not even a centimeter away from those of her rival.

“I’d … really like that.” Brizette responded, her voice shaking with excitement.

“But first … we need to know.” The brunette moved her lips in even closer, all whilst lifting her leg, and draping her thigh over Brizette’s.

“Know what…?” The blonde questioned in a whisper, as she matched Melanie’s move forward, advancing until the very tips of their lips began to touch, though not yet in a kiss.

“Who is better.” Came breathlessly from Melanie, who found the touch of their mouths, and the taste of her rival’s breath intoxicating beyond measure.

“I am.” Brizette mouthed dramatically though without sound, so that Melanie would have to feel the answer – taste it.

“Liar.” Melanie answered back in an equally silent mouthed reply, just before she sealed her lips to those of her foe, every nerve in her body tingling, and every inch of her skin covered in goose bumps.

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