Minutes Pass Without Word

“Oh my god! He’s texting me! He’s texting me!“ Said Julie, absolutely gleeful at the happening.

“Who is!?” Nicole asked, confused at her best friend’s sudden excitement.

“I don’t know his name! this super hot guy I met at the Starbucks…. We kissed, we went out to his car, we had sex. It was AMAZING! Ok…. Ok, here it is. He … uh … wants to meet up again! Tonight! YEEESSSS!” Near hopping, Julie was from excitement, doing so even whilst remaining otherwise seated on the bed.

“That is so cool, where?!” What are you going to wear!?” Being her completely supportive self, Nicole reached out and pulled Julie’s hands and phone over so she too could see the mystery boy’s texts. And text he did, his next message coming through just as both girls leaned together to see.

[’My place. I live over on Davis Drive. You know where that is? My names Travis, by the way.’] The words once read, caused each of the girls to struggle briefly for the phone, before neither gaining a grasp, it fell and landed on the bed between them. There, in that silence, two friends, just stared at each other. Minutes passed without a word spoken, or movement made – each beginning to look each other up and down, examining their ‘friend’s’ body, in a way neither had ever done before.

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