Novice Beneath Her

It was the blonde’s first match, one she had prepared for and thought about for months. At first, all went well, and she quickly found herself straddling the face of her opponent, in a perfectly executed school girl pin – excited beyond belief that she was well on her way to a quick and decisive victory.

But suddenly, as overconfidence set in and the excitement within her churned, her opponent, a wily veteran of the ring and mat, did something unexpected. Something the newcomer did not know how to reverse or resist. Namely using her tongue and mouth – to latch on and attack with distraction, the brunette thereby draining all of her blonde opponent’s focus, leaving her lost in lust and imbalanced by impurity, as her moans echoed through the nearly empty gym.

Those weaknesses no sooner surfaced, than they were seized upon, as the bottom grappler became top, the brown-haired wrestler quickly mounting and strangling a submission out of the crying novice beneath her. It was then the blonde who was forced to use her own tongue to please, much to her own anger, frustration, and gut-wrenching regret.

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