Full-Bood Sisters

There is no more brutal fight than one between full-blooded sisters. Each has spent years memorizing fault and weakness – a lifetime gathering grudge and grievance. Each woman has stayed their hand out of love, familial obligation and mercy, but when such a truce is broken – when the bonds enforced by father and mother finally break, the war that ensues can literally be deadly.

Moves are applied harshly and are held to the very point of torture. Breath is stolen till near suffocation, with smothers released only in an attempt to cinch in some new, more exciting method of infliction. Submissions are ignored and laughed at, they being met with nothing more than promises of continued and worsened pain.

And though afterward there may be hugs, and apologies – mending and make-up, the pain inflicted will never be forgotten, and a second bout is ever threatened — it building with every sideways glance, and un-thanked passing of the salt at dinner.


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