Feedback: Prom & Thereafter

JaslongHeart from the Titfighting and Sexfighting Forum: Rapture, I’ve got to say that this story is amazing and honestly one of if not your best it just hits so many good notes. I am looking forward to reading more of your work so, keep up the good work!

Steph_Gib from FCF:

The prom fight on your site – mom and daughter vs mom and daughter –


I salute your talent. Truly amazing!

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Kerrie from FCF: OMG!!! Who are you and where have you been?


?? Your story was not good or great or fantastic is was super fucking amazingly outstandingly unreal thank you so much in that…dammmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Emotion images need i go on.

Thank you

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Goliadmike from FCF: Great story and fantastic ending!

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SunnyB from FCF: This was a beautifully HOT, STEAMY story!!! Loved it … well done! 😛 8) 😉 Mmm, definitely one to come back to time & time again … with my buzzing vibe hand!

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3 thoughts on “Feedback: Prom & Thereafter

  1. Jack says:

    I have always been an massive admirer of Rivals Rapture ‘s sexfight stories with her mastrful buildup and emotional connect that she establishes
    As an Indian citizen of the world’s largest democracy & 6th largest economy whose GDP which grew by 7 % in 2018 and which has invented Yoga ,Ahimsa ,was the land of economists and and has contributed significantly to all domains ,it was difficult to read the stories which had Indian characters but they were highly enjoyable
    I am halfway through this story after having enjoyed the battle in parent-teacher conference.
    I hope the bigots here dont win and the Indian Mom and her daughther prevail.
    I know that people here want the bigots or the bad women ( in a manner of speaking ) to win as it makes for a different story but as an man of color ( Brown ) and generally as a person,i see things in black and white and to me while you can have a long drawn out erotic battle with twists and turns , i would love to see Riya have a sequel and Anjali prevail

      1. Jack says:

        I will.
        You have always drawn me in as a reader.

        I find myself quickly rooting for a character and that is the hallmark of a good writer.The ability to engage the reader and make him or her imagine and become invested
        i find myself wishing you would write a massive medieval JB57 style epic saga
        I mean it as a compliment .I know you have your own style.
        I would love to see you take on a medieval sorcery sexfight saga
        I would also love to see you write a male-female emotively connective story
        I feel u have the aptitude
        Sorry for the fan gushing 🙂

        I have to tell you that i have been waiting for a sequel to Riya and the backseat battle story ever since i finished reading them.
        I tip my hat to you,she who is one of my fav erotica authors.
        (P.S- You do make me wait a LONNNG time for a sequel,hope to see it in 2019. )


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