What You Like: Authors Edition

Alright, Rivals. I have stayed away from doing this, just because we had authors joining us at a fast clip, and then we were looking down the barrel of a site move, then we did move, yada yada.

But with all of that behind us, I am going to start posting some of the data that you all might find interesting.

The first bit of data is:

Over the Past Month, These Have Been the Most Popular Author and Site Pages (not including stories or logs)

  1. The Fights.Sexy Homepage
  2. Writers Stories
  3. Rival’s Raptures Stories
  4. JB57’s Stories
  5. The Rivals Blog
  6. Halhow3’s Stories
  7. AnubisX’s Stories
  8. Ahna Brown’s Stories
  9. Justlooking9000’s Stories
  10. The Rivals Forum
  11. Rivals Previews
  12. Sidekick’s Stories
  13. Luffy316’s Stories
  14. Catharsis’ Stories
  15. Chat-Logs

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