You have torn each other’s clothes off. Wrapped your naked bodies around each other and in whirlwind of action drug one another to the ground.

Now, as you and she roll and writhe in the wet grass and coating mud, you regret none of it.

Not the words you each spoke that sparked the fire.

Not your decision to reach for her hair or hers to grasp at yours.

She needs this pain. This punishment from you. Just as you deserve the same from her.

You have both wronged. Both erred.

And in this body-to-body struggle, alone in her backyard, you will even the score and payoff your mutually held debts.

Your chins and eyes locked together, your shifting and bucking hips looking to do the same.

Foxy Combat

1 thought on “Torn

  1. says:

    Oh my god…..this is so hot. I dream of confrontations such as these……


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