Chance at Peace

Despite the common assumption that hate causes distance, nothing could be further from the truth in a catfight. Two women, tangled and clinging tightly to each other, could not be closer, and not just in a literal sense. 

Deep within their embrace, they share every breath and scent, every muscle of their body working in reaction to that of their rival’s. Dialogues are had between straining fingers, clasping and snaking thighs, and hovering, adjacent lips.

It is true that each woman struggles against the other, but on the most primal level, they are each reliant and trusting that their opponent will not take things too far, and will not escalate a settling of differences into something far more deadly. Only in the other, in all the world, may they find solace and satisfaction. Only in their enemy’s hands, and glistening eyes might they find a chance at peace.

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