Christmas Came!

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Alright, so clearly, I made it to the finish line on my Christmas tale, A Christmas Wreck-oning.

It fills me with pride that I was able to for a lot of reasons, but especially because of the turn around time on the project. As it took me only a handful of days, which as some of my longtime fans know, is crazy, given how easily I find myself distracted.

As for the feedback, I really haven’t gotten much, other than from my friends who I would have been speaking with anyway. From them, I got praise, which is to be expected (as they are almost duty-bound to give as much), but also a comment on the nearly clean split in the story, where it goes from super violent catfight to a somewhat softer sexfight.

I had been nervous that the transition was, perhaps, too abrupt. And that catfight fans might almost feel betrayed by the sudden shift. BUT, even from those I spoke to who are such fans, people who generally hate soft sexfights, the story didn’t seem to elicit that reaction. Yay!

Worry though I did, I really didn’t write A Christmas Wreck-oning with an eye towards what others might want. I just wrote what I wanted to write, for the first time in a long time. In a way, it was freeing, and certainly something I plan on doing again.

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