Discord Sexy Writing Challenge #3

So on the site’s Discord, we have being doing writing prompts/challenges and I will be posting the results here!

The following posts are what people came up with when looking at the image above!

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The two rivals were exhausted. Angela and Vida were both top ranking apartment catfighters and had been hired too perform in a highstakes winner takes all No Holds Barred brawl. Both were proud women who not only fought for the money but also for the thrill of testing one’s body against another .They could only truly feel alive when the adrenaline flowed through their sculpted bodies as they pitted themselves against another woman. The two hellcats had been fighting for over forty five minutes , their bodies had become drained of energy and were now only driven by their sheer determination too win, too overcome, too be the better woman.

Angela in a last ditch effort had managed push Vida in too the red leather couch, climbing on top of her. Vida Wrapped her arms around her blonde opponent desperately squeezing trying too force a bearhug submission. Angela wanted too resist but could she? It seemed as if she could no longer will her body forward, her arms felt as if they were as heavy as lead. Her face betrayed her dismay and despair. As a single hot tear flowed from her right eye she choked back a sob and wondered too herself, was this the end?

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Below is an excerpt from So You Think You Can Fight, BITCH? Lessons from the Heat of Combat.

Lesson 21: Being on top is not always a good thing.
By Sierra “Super Dreadnought” Vale

The key thing to remember about getting on top of your opponent is that it’s a means to an end.

Now don’t get me wrong – being on top is usually advantageous:

  • It usually makes it easier to pin down and immobilize your opponent.
  • It gives you more say in dictating the tempo and intensity of the fight.
  • It gives you the high ground and, by extension, the assistance of gravity. Never underestimate how much harder it is for someone to fight you and a fundamental law of physics at the same time. To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, “It’s over, Anakin! I have the high ground!” (Editor’s note: Nerd.)
  • It gives you a psychological boost. Who doesn’t enjoy looking down on their opponent?

However, underlying these advantages is the real reason why being on top is usually good: control. Control – over your own actions, over the actions of your opponent, over the rhythm of the fight itself – is what decides who wins and who loses, and if you get on top, you can usually take control.


The danger comes when you forget the point of getting on top of your opponent, or when they’re clever enough to take control from below. Then, being on top and $4.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks (Editor’s note: If you’re lucky.).

I learned this lesson the hard way when, in one of my early fights, I pushed Vanessa Christenson down onto a couch and instinctively got on top of her. She then locked me up in an incredibly painful bearhug (see fig. 21.1 – Vanessa Christenson bearhugging Sierra Vale), which… well, look at our facial expressions in the picture above – I’ll let you be the judge of who was in control of whom (Editor’s note: There’s a reason why Vanessa’s moniker is “Boa Constrictor”.).

So, remember kids: getting on top is a means to an end – not an end in itself.

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