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Rivals! I come to you with a request. Not one born out of a sudden absence of visitors to the site (as yesterday we set a record for most unique users in a single day), but instead out of a first-hand knowledge.

I know it can be very easy to miss events in this community. To focus so acutely on your Trillian or FCF profile and interactions, that you don’t catch a link or a post in the forums. And so I ask, that for all of you that have found Fights.Sexy and enjoyed its collection of the net’s best female fight authors and stories, that you spread the world.

That you ask your fellow fetish-focused friends if they know that the site exists. And if they say no, tell them that they could find a giant library of stories to read and fantasies to sink into if they just check out the site.

Will you sound like you’re coming off like a wee bit of a shill? Yeah, probably. But I know that when I was just a fan, and just a reader, I would have LOVED to have had this site to peruse and all these collected stories to indulge in.

So, yes, say hi, talk about the newest video you found, and pull each other’s hair … but then ask them: have you heard about Fights.Sexy?

2 thoughts on “Spread the Word About Fights.Sexy

  1. justlooking9002 says:

    I don’t think you’re coming out as a shill. It’s very clear that fights.sexy is your baby and like every parent, you want to see your baby grow. As an author (even if not a particularly active one), it’s very satisfying to see my stories hosted in such a sleek website. I *love* your work on the photos which were pretty much a simple job of uploading to the FC forums.

    I gladly plug your website next time I post in FCF or write a new story (sometime in September I’m afraid).


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