You Will Release Her … Someday

Since first she discovered your secret affair with her husband, she has sent you emails filled with threats, text messages filled with promises.

Since first she found your cum-stained panties in his pocket, she has come to your work, and tried to embarrass you in front of your friends.

From that fateful day, until now, she has been a thorn in your paw, ruining your mood, and confronting you at the most inopportune of times.

So when she challenged you to finally end it – to settle your differences, you jumped at the chance – a decision which brought you here – upon her face.

Switching from smothering her with your ass, to your panty-covered cunt. Dragging from her whimpers, and cries for mercy, as you laugh at her.

It has been hours since your once aggressive rival fought back, she having since then realized that she cannot beat you – that you are too strong, too athletic, too fit.

In that subjugation, her hands lay limp at your your sides, only occasionally coming to rest softly on your thighs, as if to convey her complete surrender to your smother.

You will release her … someday. You will let her go back to her husband, a man who you long ago tired of. But not now…. Not soon…. Maybe not even on this day…. For she must learn. Regret. And know to never come near you again, unless you wish it – unless you seek another session, of her mouth and nose pressed into your clit.

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