Party fight

It happened at the corporate party of the company. She was a senior manager. We have been sharpening our grudge against each other for a long time, but did not dare to sort things out. We hated each other. Such hatred could not last long, there was a limit to everything. ..sooner or later the cup had to be filled. I am a brunette, 1.6m, with gorgeous third size breasts, good ass and slender legs. I was wearing a green dress that beautifully accentuated my body. ..dresses up to the knees were pulled up with a strap, with a small cut on the chest, but rather piquant. She was taller than me, almost 1.78 m, in a dress similar in tailoring, dark green, which fit well on her. ..she had a gorgeous ass, and not a bad chest. She had a short haircut, with chemistry on her head. The men kept throwing their hungry glances after us. We already drank a lot and danced, I went to go to the bathroom. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed, like Kirafollowed me.I went into the booth, after a couple of seconds, someone went into the next one. I was sure it was her. I went out to wash my hands in the sink. ..the toilet was not big, there were three booths along, opposite them is a wall and two washbasins with a mirror at the entrance. I almost washed my hands when Kira left the booth and stood next to me, turning on the tap with water. We were silent. ..I was about to leave, but she stood in the way, closing the passage with her asshole, bent over the washstand. ..I wanted to shove her in the side with my heel, but I restrained myself. – Where are you in a hurry? Kira asked, shaking her wet hands over the sink, slowly turning towards me. She was larger, for a second I was scared that she would get me. ..I boxed in school, but that was a long time ago, and this bitch was in shape. Even though she was older, I was still overcome by fear., everything will start, and I will not hold back. – Fuck off, bitch, I blurted out angrily. – Kira smiled and slowly walked up to me, grabbing my dress by the collars in the neckline and pulled it over. ..I gave in, not flinching. She looked me in the eyes. She was ready to do it, her heart pounded faster. Her chest pressed against mine. – On your knees, bitch.

..I panicked, but then I pulled myself together. It has been my dream for several months to finish it. – Jerk off, mare. -I squeezed through my teeth. ..Kira twisted her face, pressing me even tighter to her. I grabbed her hands, hoping that if she threw me on the floor, I would be ready, but I was wrong. Kira hit me on the nose with a swing. I flew off and hit the wall. ..the blood came from my nose, the pain caused tears to run down my cheeks. A blow to my gut brought me back to reality, another knocked all the air out of my lungs. I doubled over in pain. Her long legs were gorgeous ..a knee flew into my face, throwing the back of my head against the wall again. I groaned. Kira grabbed me by the scruffs again, and pulled me close to her. ..I could hardly stand on my feet. She pulled me away from the wall, not letting go, her nose almost touched mine. – She shouted in my face with anger. I couldn’t answer her. The knee hit in the stomach made me bend again. ..I screamed in pain, but it was more like an orgasm.Kira grabbed my hair with both hands. I knew what would happen now, and with the last bit of strength I hit her with a hand from below in the bikini area. Kira gasped, bending over in pain and letting go of my hair otolshu a step to the sink. ..I straightened up, raised my hands, clenching them into a fist, as in a boxing stance, and while Kira looked at me hunched over in bewilderment, I hit her in the face, then again and again. ..I aimed for the nose with a straight arm, then I hit her sharply in the gut. She bent slightly.I took her by the straps, slightly tilting her towards me, and with all the strength I planted her under the gut three more times. With each blow, Kira gave out from her mouth something like a fallen AI perked up, and grabbing Kira by the collar of her dress in the chest area, and threw her against the wall without resistance. Kira did not resist. I broke her nose, blood dripping down  from lips and chin. I raised my hands above, ready to be Kira further across the face. ..I planned to ruin her impudent face, and so that she would remember it for a long time. I won, and the taste of victory clouded my eyes. I hit her on the right, then on the left, half-strength, then again, harder, and then with the right, slipping across my lips. ..her lips cracked, her blood appeared on my knuckles. She could hardly stand against the wall, her head bowed. Saliva dripped from  her mouth and mixed with blood. I prepared for the final combination, taking her by the hair and slightly lifting her head, hit her in the gut. ..She sobbed, losing her balance. Such a feeling that I held her by the hair from falling to my knees. I lifted her again with the back of my head against the wall, ready to give her in the throat again. But then from somewhere her knee crashed between my legs and I was out of surprisebent over, stepped back. She took revenge on me the same. I could not stand up. Kira slowly straightened up, raising her fists. “No, wha …” I didn’t have time to finish, her jab hit my nose, then another. I moved away slightly, raising my hands to protect   my face from her fists. Another jab went straight for the target. I gasped and stepped back a little more.Kira went forward. I caught her right hook and hit her in the chest.she croaked with pain, then I grabbed her shoulder and did not let go of my hand, hit her with my knee in the cut in the stomach. Kira bent over in pain. I gave more and more. Kira went limp, it was noticeable that she would no longer resist. I raised her by the collars, and holding onehand, hit her in the face. Kira wheezed, I broke her nose. I was preparing the next blow, when her head again hit mine with force, right in the nose. ..I let go of my rival, and backed away, clasping my nose with my hands. – Kira straightened up, and with a full swing with her right hand nailed me in the teeth. I leaned against the sink so as not to fall. A sweeping uppercode flew into my jaw. ..I threw my head back from the blow, blood splattered from my mouth, I passed out for a moment and began to slide to the floor. “Bitch” I managed to think to myself. I came to my senses quickly, Kira managed to raise me to my feet, and took me aside, holding the collar of the dress. ..I could not resist, but really wanted. I could not lose to this bitch. Kira threw me against the wall, I could hardly stand on my feet. I raised my head and saw Kira in front of me. ..She had a sour nose and blood all over her face. She raised her fists and hit me hard with a hook on the right. I groaned. Her jaw was numb with pain. She hit hard and sweepingly. She still had enough strength. I don’t remember how many blows I received. .. my mouth filled with blood, my cracked lips were numb with pain. She took my hair and lifted her head and hit me hard in the nose, then again and again. My eyes darkened, my nose was broken, I was sure. I remember crawling to the floor. ..her hands were holding my hair, I was on my knees, weakened, consciousness was leaving me. I remember how a knee flew into my face, and then darkness … I woke up in the same toilet, on the floor. Everything hurt. ..I could not breathe normally, my face was numb with pain, my lips were sticky with blood. I somehow got to my feet and went to the mirror. The corporate party was evidently still going on, but apparently no one entered the toilet. I looked at myself. ..the face was smeared with dried blood, the bridge of the nose was broken, the lips were swollen from blows, and it hurt under the chest. I got it really good. As it turned out later, Kira left immediately and locked me in the toilet. I was let out by the waiters before closing. ..I was broken, but in my soul I wanted revenge out of anger, and I knew that it would be very soon.

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