Party fight 2

Corporate 2. After a fight at a corporate party, many girls were also not against this way of sorting things out. They provoked me more than once, but they themselves were afraid to get into a fight. I wanted revenge, but there was no reason and place for this. ..oneParty fight 2

Party fight

It happened at the corporate party of the company. She was a senior manager. We have been sharpening our grudge against each other for a long time, but did not dare to sort things out. We hated each other. Such hatred could not last long, there was a limit toParty fight

 Я и свекровь

Я и свекровь. Я ее ненавидела. Не переваривала всем нутром. Эта широко-задая брюнетка меня доводила до бешенства. По виду будто продала душу дьяволу: упругое тело, подтянутый живот, шикарные ножки. Да , я была по сочнее, с большей грудью,но и в принцыпе это все, чем мы отличались. Я тоже брюнетка, я Я и свекровь

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