How Else?

There, on your living room couch, you found her. Naked and asleep. Her trimmed pubic hair and tight pussy lips wet from sex.

And though you recognize her as your daughter’s best friend, you know it was your husband who fucked her.

The man you married, who used the cock you rightfully own to drive her into this state of blissful oblivion. Her young sex leaking its sweet juices on the fabric of your family room’s center.

You know because as you entered the door to your home, he was leaving through the same. Freshly dressed to go out to the golf course. His lips curving into a smirk and his right eye closing into a wink. Both of which he continued to wear as he whispered it to you.

A confession of his misdeed.

A revelation of how he let himself get seduced by the sex kitten inside.

And then deviously, how he told her that you wouldn’t be home for hours — words he knew to be lies as he spoke them.

It is a story you took in calmly, before you kissed him on the cheek and let him pass by. Your hands, after they laid down your purse and keys, raising to your blouse so that they may unbutton, undo, and unclasp. Until finally, just at the foot of the couch on which your daughter’s bestie lays, you begin to move without top or bra.

Your thick wide hips, and gorgeous legs placing on either side of her abdomen in a straddle.

Then, with position taken, and when finally your mature, magnificent tits hang above her angelic face, you lower them. Reaching across your chest, and clasing their mid-point closed around her mouth and nose.

Smothering her.

Suffocating her as she wakes, writhes, and panics beneath you. Her hands clawing, striking, and pushing against you weakly in her sleep-brought confusion.

Until once more she calms. Until once more she sleeps.

It is then that a weaker woman. A lesser woman would be done with her.

But it has been hours now since that first smother, and since then you have returned whenever the young homewrecker stirs. And at each such return you once more take your rightful place atop her, and smother her back into unconsciousness before she is strong enough to fight back.

It is cruel, yes. Tortuous, absolutely.

But how else would you keep her sleeping softly until your husband returns.

How else could you keep this upstart rival from fleeing until the man who has been inside you both has returned and can watch as the true punishment begin.

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