You are trapped and in pain between your enemy’s thighs. Groaning out so loud you can hear the ugly sound echo back to you off of your rival’s apartment’s wall.

And though you could run when you escape. Grab your discarded clothing and flee from her, from your feud, and the pain you will no doubt suffer otherwise, instead….

The very moment you earn your freedom, you lunge at her. Taking not a moment to examine your options or reconfigure your intent.

For the pull to hurt her. To punish her. To humiliate her for everything she has every done and said to you is stronger than gravity.

Stronger than magnetism.

You and she destined to battle. To hate. To war.

Not because it is forced upon you or she by another, but because you want it.

You both, in your mutual struggle and strife, finding bliss amongst the battery.

Want betwixt the wounding.

And heaven, even in hell.

California Wildcats

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