You Seek Them Out

They aren’t why you lunged at her. Or what drove her to scream at you cruelly, throwing away years of friendship for little more than a crush you both share.

And though they played no part in the cause, as your body and hers slam down onto her bed, you seek them out. The breasts that have always set you and she apart. The tits she brandished like a slut for so many years. Using them to one-up you and out play you, whenever she had her mind set.

Memories which fill your mind as you pull up her top, lean down, and then latch your teeth onto them. Biting and gnawing on them, as she cries out beneath you.

Her eyes welling with tears as your left hand grabs with fingers and diggs in with nails.

Your every effort and thought focused on ruining the one part of your former best friend that made you jealous. Knowing that you may never have the chance again.

Whether by peace and apology or by outcome and separation.

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