Sisters with Gloves

Two sisters, daughters of one of the city’s most decorated boxing heroes, decided there was only one way to settle their decade long feud.

Neither had ever boxed professionally, or even collegiately, but both knew enough to think they would come out on top. There were no stakes. No man to be fought over. They were simply, in a certain turn of phrase, sick of each other’s shit.

And so they set themselves to it. Sarah demanding that they fight nude, as to not damage any of her clothing.

Each sister was determined to punish, yes, but more accurately, work out the tensions that had existed between them for so long. That being their goal, each sibling focused solely on offense, and though they wouldn’t admit it, they did so in muted way – throwing half-pulled punches, wanting the cathartic effect of the fight to last.

Finally, after hours of exhausting themselves, and each other, Linda collapsed. And once she had, Sarah quickly followed after her, stepping one foot onto the couch after her felled sister. She struck a pose, trying to look victorious, and enjoy the moment of finally besting her sibling, but being herself wounded and fatigued, fell, leaving each woman weakened, beaten, and unconscious, laying bare in their sister’s arms.

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