Delirious and Withering Fatigue

Two women, exhausted beyond measure, fall into an unwanted, but much-needed resting position, their fingers still locked together, though unmoving. Each of them has given their all – their everything, pushing their body into their rival’s, matching every thrust with their own, and every press with one of equal measure. Neither has given quarter, but in like manner, neither have they taken it.

Let there be no doubt, however, that there is nothing each woman wishes for more than to continue their struggle, straining hard even in their seemingly effortless embrace. But their desire to continue is but a mouse to the lion that is their delirious and withering fatigue. And so, despite their passion to best each other, and months of obsession with the other’s defeat, they are each now only seconds away from falling to sleep on their rival’s shoulder – only a few more slow breaths from meeting each other once again in their dreams.


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