New Coach

This year, the coach of the local high school’s cheerleading squad left the naming of the captain up to the cheerleaders themselves, and they in turn, having been unable to reach a decision, left it to the top two finalists: Sarah Blake and Charlie Laine. They did not hate one another, in fact, they had each actually considered the other a friend. And yet, despite that bond, and the moments they had spent together, the two petite girls decided there was only one way to decide who would lead the team, and it would not be roshambo.

Instead, it would be a competition of womanhoods, each striving to prove that it was she who was sexier, stronger, and more capable of wielding her womanly wiles. And so, with such a backdrop as cause, these two nubile young women have decided to meet – miles outside of their gossipy little town. Both the brown grass that surrounds, and the air which blows in gusts through their engagement could not be more dry, but they writhe there, making each other wetter than either had ever thought possible. Their effort-earned flexibility and stamina make their sexfight longer, more athletic, and a competition to a greater degree than many others yet to be shared on this page. Who will win? Who will lead the team? They will decide.

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