Don’t Cry

It is often assumed that every woman who engages in a sexfight is filled to the very brim with sexual confidence, and hate-fueled certainty of their own superiority. And though such surety is at times held by one fighter or another, one must remember, even rivals are human. As such, they fear. They doubt. They worry. About so many things.

What if I lose?

What will she do to me if I do?

Even if I win, how should I punish and humiliate her to make sure she doesn’t challenge me again?

The stakes are too high, I shouldn’t have said the winner gets my husband. What do we say to each other at work after this?

What if she tells people about this?

What if she doesn’t and other people still find out?

My body is reacting to her touch, does that mean I’m a lesbian?

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

And those all of those fears, and so many more do indeed creep and crawl through the minds of women who war, they are one by one suppressed, so that combat may continue.

It is in such shared doubts and fears that some rivals not only bond but together heal, after their issues have been settled.

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