Settled and Enjoyed

As Francesca’s finger drives in and out of Raquel’s soaking wet cunt, and Raquel’s does the same to Francesca’s, they can each only barely remember how they reached this moment. Friends since the age of 20, and yet in the many years that have passed, never even a single kiss had been shared between the two of them, and now this? Now a fevered race to see who can force the other to cum and convulse against their will?

As the two prepared for their planned night out on the town, Raquel asked to try on Francesca’s pantyhose, and Francesca in turn asked the same of Raquel. One said something the other took as a challenge, leading to a response meant to match the comment in tone, and teasing. Then silence until one unclasped her bra, letting it fall softly to the carpeted floor below. Then silence, as the other matched her move, and one-upped her by removing her panties. Then silence as her friend did no less, just before they two stepped towards each other, and pressed their once perky, now slightly sagging tits together.

For a moment, as their quickly hardening nipples met, they each lost themselves in a stare, the two friends looking deeply into each others eyes, each conveying so many emotions to the other: confidence, appreciation, love, desire, anger…. But as looks turned to lust, and presence turned to pressing, they suddenly attacked one another. Not with fists or force, but with kisses and caresses, until finally, in near unison, they each inserted a finger into the other’s sex. There said digits lingered, as it became clear to each, by the wetness already present, how long they had each waited for this moment – how long an unspoken competition between the two had needed to be settled and enjoyed.

But even now as they war together, writhe together, pulling hair and testing each others bodies in ways neither could have ever imagined, they are each excited beyond measure. As they know that though they have wasted so many, many years – years they could have spent competing with each other, and struggling against each other to become better women – that not another day shall pass from now on, where they will make the same mistake again.

2 thoughts on “Settled and Enjoyed

  1. Giannis says:

    Heh heh heh !! :
    Well, i have news for this photo !!
    Years ago, being in a MUCH BETTER financial condition, i was a good customer of J.M. Rolen. I had ordered some custom sexfight videos to him. (feel free to check it if you want, he will remember me).

    >>> “Between Friends” was one of those videos i had ordered. The script and the choice of the two adult models were mine !! <<<

    Fran called Raquel were working in the same job. They liked one another. Finally, Fran calls Raquel for a coffee and she flirts her. Raquel was OK with this, then some hot scenes, then Fran challenges Raquel in a sexfight and Raquel accepts.
    It was VERY HOT !! Francesca and Raquel had offered to me a very realistic performance, they looked to be fully into it. Were really into it ? I do not care if they were really into it, or not. I paid my money to get the IMPRESSION that they were really into it; if they were really into it or not, it was not my bussines to know, (LOL), I was a pleased customer as long as they LOOKED to be into it. And they were !) .
    If you want, if i had some feedback, I may send to RR some more photos of this video, then he will post them here.

    1. Rival's Rapture says:

      I am and always have been a big fan of JM Rolen. Their videos, apart from some occasional bad acting hit me in exactly the right spots.

      I can see why you like them too, Giannis, even their most heated videos are friendly and sensual — something we both love.

      I did not know that you funded this video; thank you from all of us!

      The way I would make Tumblr posts back when this one was made, was to sift through photos until one spoke to me. This one did, which is why I chose it. 🙂


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