Suddenly They Fused

Back and forth, back and forth you wrestled with her, testing your body against hers, each of you struggling for dominance and control. And yet, in all of the rolling and raging, your nipples began to harden with contact, and your pantyhose began to wet with unexpected and unwanted desire.

Even as you both tried to deny what you were feeling, your clits began to seek each other out, seemingly on accident, every rub and glance appearing inadvertent.

But then without warning or word, they fused, locking together in a scissor as you each went to transition from one hold to the next. Now there is no other focus or desire. Want or waylay. Instead you only wish to grind against her. to press your clit into hers. Not seeking submission, but satisfaction. Needing only release and rapture, not violence and victory. At least not now. At least not until you have used her body, her mouth, her breasts, and her sex to extinguish the fire her struggling lit.

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