You Found Them This Way

You found them this way, your young mistress and beautiful wife. You did not know until that moment that they knew about each other, and yet there in your living room and on your couch, they competed with crossed thighs.

They begged you not to stop them.

To let them finish the duel they had started.

And though it scared you, the thought of a world without them both, you agreed. Taking a seat just next to their couch and their battlefield.

Each looking to you for motivation and the will to resist the other’s hip-brought advancements.

They having agreed that the winner would keep you and the loser would leave.

Their battle lasted for hours. And when the dust settled, and she who could go on no longer collapsed, you went gently to say goodbye.

Your wife’s beautiful hazel eyes welling with tears as you said it. Your mistress making sure you did not kiss her, not once more or ever again.

She had shared you long enough, and in victory broken the body of the woman you once swore to love in sickness and in health.

As that woman — your poor, heartbroken spouse left, your mistress made you watch her as she yelled. “This is my man. My house. My life now, bitch!”

For a moment the words and their cruelty sting, but as your mistress reaches for your rock-hard cock, and unzips the zipper before it, the pain fades. She aiding with a whisper. “I’m going to put on some of her lingerie. Meet me in OUR bed.”

4 thoughts on “You Found Them This Way

  1. Giannis says:

    First thoughts watching the photo : hot !

    Second thoughts after i read the text : i am 1.000.000 % at the wife’s side. I feel sorrow for her loss. In sexfight stories the mistress defeats the wife quite often. My confession : I might have enjoyed their sexfight but i never was in the mistress’s side. That’s me.

    Now… Was this somehow a preview for the next chapter of back-seat ? I have this feeling… If yes… OK, your pen, you decide, but – just my thoughts – keep the hubby out of it !! Let the two gals to enjoy their love, either hubby finally returns back home or not.
    My two cents…

    1. Rival's Rapture says:

      Yeah, when I started this post, I planned on not mentioning a winner. But for some reason, as I got close to the mid-way point (an odd thing to say in a post so short) I felt like I needed to choose a winner.

      I’d say in all the posts I have written on this blog where it’s wife vs mistress, it’s pretty even. It might even lean towards the wife some, in terms of how often they win.

      This time, I wanted to talk about sadness — not sure why. Sadness means more when it’s the wife than the mistress. Because with the mistress, the reader can feel good about her losing. With the wife, there is a guilt and despair to it; which is what you felt.

      As for Backseat Battle 3, I am not sure where I am taking that one just yet, and I don’t think I’ll be working on that tale for awhile.

      I do see it as a sexfight, but I am right now thinking that it won’t be with Samantha as Brenda’s rival. Instead it would be Jamie, who was mentioned in 2 a couple times.

      I do think this blog post, and your comment have made me what to write a mistress vs. wife tale where the wife wins. Almost like a sister story to Who is This? Perhaps I will!

      As always though, thank you so much for your feedback on the post.

      1. justlooking9002 says:

        As heartbreaking as it can be to pick a winner when you’ve invested so much in writing a story, I think it’s usually the right choice to do so. It’s just leaves a deeper mark than if you you just leave the winner ambigious or have alternative endings where both girls win.

        Again, love your work, especially when the fight is over a man and I hope to see more of this kind of posts in the future.


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