A Debate in the Guild

When the debates over the guild’s Discord server became too heated, and when the leaders of that assembled group of gamers couldn’t decide who should be put in the role of “main healer”, two priests were left to decide the question of placement and power for themselves.

Though every guildmate knew they would never agree — could never agree.

Still the two twenty-somethings were left to furiously type out messages to one another. Each sending off their own cruelties without mercy and expletives without pause.

Until finally, on one night amongst oh so many on which the two raid-focused women sat with rage-and-tear-filled eyes. When neither could stand the stalemate, the frustration, and the humiliating moments in guild chat a second longer, they decide to settle it.

To meet the other halfway between their states of residence, at the home of their unsuspecting guild leader. Said leader having only been told that they would talk things out: calmly, peacefully – that they just needed a neutral and private space in which to meet.

But as the door closed behind them, their feigned smiles faded.

As the leader stepped away to give them a moment alone, they disrobed.

As their naked bodies were revealed, they were then brought together.

Tit-to-tit. Nose-to-nose.

They having decided, in secret, to battle. Not with spells or buffs — cooldowns or heals. But instead by putting the very core of their beings to the test against each other. Swearing to each other, amongst curses and threats, that whomever came first, there on the guild leader’s bed, would become the other’s subordinate.

That they who released upon the body of the other would abandon their own ambitions and hopes – doing not from that point on but aiding those of their enemy.

That whoever defeated their rival in this glorious contest of crossed thighs, and locked eyes would be the the undisputed queen of the priests, and the other’s master: merciful or no.

But would that oath survive their struggle? Would the loser obey and the victress allow the other to serve?

It is only after nearly two hours of sweat and muffled screams…. Lashing tongues and crashing clits…. Tears of effort, hatred, and frustration that they found out.

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  1. Giannis says:

    HOT !!
    I can never have enough of hot trib photos !


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