Dominance Must Be Fought For

As their mutual boyfriend disappears into the bathroom to clean up, Aubrey reaches over, around, and then without a word spoken, pushes her fingers into the clit of her equally exhausted couch-mate.

The meaning of the message is clear to Kat. It is both a threat and a challenge. A communication that though they may share him, his toned body, and his perfectly shaped cock, they may do so only after it has been determined which of the two may consider herself dominant.

And though the brunette understands fully, her eyes linger at first, watching as the red-head’s unmoving fingers grip firmly at her sex.

In that moment she asks herself, is it worth it? Does she care if this beautiful woman, with whom she has already shared orgasms – with whom she has already passed sperm from mouth to mouth and back again, has control?

As she asks, and as expectant and questioning eyes bore into her own, though averted, Kat turns her head, locks gazes, and pushes her own fingers into the clit of her rival.

And in so doing, she signals that dominance must be fought for – earned. Not just at that moment. Not just on that day. But for as long as they share him. For as long as two find themselves together, and their sexual prowess at odds.

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