So Many Different Stories

Ugh! I have so many different stories to work on — that I want to work on, that it is had to even decide which, when, and why.

A wonderful problem to have. One that leaves me like a kid who won a Toys-R-Us (rip) run-through back in the day.

But you don’t want to just hear me gush about how wonderfully swamped with work I am. You want to know what are all those stories! And so I will tell you my current works of favor.

  1. Daddy’s Girl: So this one doesn’t have an edit, and isn’t on the previews page. It’s just a story I jumped into writing when the models were pitched as a good matching pair. It is in the family realm again, but not family vs. family. This one is step-daughter vs. her college roommate for the right to fuck daddy. It doesn’t start out that way, but that’s where it gets to fairly quickly. And that is kind of the key of this story, the word quick. It moves from a brief intro to fight with a page, and then the fight doesn’t linger too long. It is a catfight, but there is enough sexy in it for those who need a little more cream in their coffee.
  2. The Fire Dies Not: This one is a story I have been trying to get to you all for a long time. You can check it out on the previews page, but I think I have found the spark to move it along that I have for so long lacked. It’s a HankMcCoyish tale, so there is a guy and a dick — so emotionally prepare yourself for that.
  3. Working Title — Cubicle Something: Gosh, I need a title for this one. And yet still, even without that title, you can check out the details on the previews page. But without sending you away to get what you came to this post for, it’s a hot, lingery sexfight between to rival co-workers. Cliche, I know, but hopefully there is enough unique in it for you all to enjoy. I have the characters to the battle, and engaged, but am stuck with exactly where to take it. Still, not stuck in a War on the 85th Floor 2 type of way, where it might never come out, but just haven’t thought about it hard enough. That being said, I plan on it. The thinking. The writing. And the getting it all on your breath-warmed screens.
  4. The Beautiful Game: This one is a sequel, in a way, to both The Fire Dies Not, and Cubicle story, taking one girl from each story and pairing them up for a shorter sexfight tale, meant to fit in AnubisX‘s newest collection. Will it come out before or after? Iono, but regardless, I like where it is headed. Almost a JB57-style of, we know what sexfighting is and we want to do that, kind of thing. Whereas most of my tales I have to teach or motivate the girls into such an engagement, despite it being both taboo and wildly uncommon as a method of conflict resolution. Again, on the previews page.
  5. Backseat Battle 2 and Who is This 2: These two … I am actively psyching myself out of writing. The more I talk about them with people, and the more conflicting guidance I receive as to where I should take the tales, the less I know what to do. Both are sequels to extremely popular stories and each fan I talk to has a very distinct path they’d want the story to progress. Not maybe this, and maybe this, but instead if it isn’t this, you are literally betraying everything those stories stood for. And though parts of each of those fans’ paths I agree with, some parts I do not. And so I am left almost certain that no matter what I write, it will be at odds with what they and others had imagined for the stories and the characters within them.
  6. More Than a Match: This one, is the one I really want to pour my time and energy into. It will be my first, unfettered pro-wrestling story. One that I plan on making as passionate, powerful, and perfectly intimate as possible — because hey, that’s my gimmick. It is the next step in the When Life Series, though it isn’t one of the main chapters, and has to come out before I can even plan Chapter 4. A chapter I know a lot of you are wanting. So here’s to hoping I can focus on this one and get it out. Not just so I can move on with the next bit of that Rapture-Verse, but so that you can all enjoy the tale of Doll and The Better Woman exhausting each other in the hottest way possible.

Warning: Now, does this post mean I don’t have other stories going? No. Does it mean those other stories won’t come out at all or even first? Nope. It just means these are the stories on my mind right now. So if your favorite story isn’t here, fret not! For I’ll get back to it!

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