Unsuspecting Husbands

The moment their unsuspecting husbands having retired to the den to talk business and sports, provides a perfect opportunity for Goldie and Natalie to slip away. They two require privacy, as what started as a friendly conversation about lingerie preferences of their significant others, let loose the secret that both were having an affair with the other’s mate. The knowledge boils their blood, and blisters their souls, as they each know that their once friend, now rival, is too engrained and connected to be simply cut out, or run off. They are each a fixture, a constant in the other’s life, meaning that settlement must be reached in private, with terms dictated with the forging of a unbreakable truce. That awkward reality has lead these two women to agree on a series of 3 battles, a catfight, a titfight, and then finally a sexfight, the winner of 2 getting to decide who shall sleep with who, and when.

The terrible consequences of losing said series motivates both women beyond measure, as they dig their fingers into their rival’s hair, looking to do as much damage as they possibly can, without leaving any evidence of the attack for their husbands to find. They tug and yank – pull and claw, until finally, out of desperation to stop the pain, they tackle one another to the bed. Arms and legs flail, seeking intensely to wrap themselves around those of their enemy’s for leverage and control. They each use their stomachs, breasts and pubic mounds to try and topple their opponent, whenever the advantage is taken. The ferocity of their struggle sends them from one side of the bed, to the other, until finally their war spills out onto the floor.

There, breasts are grabbed, and nipples are twisted – pussies are mauled and smothers applied. Hours pass, as they war uninterrupted, until finally Natalie catches Goldie in a ruthless headscissor, from which the blonde cannot escape. Goldie does not plead for mercy, or utter words of surrender, her defeat instead signaled by the opening of her mouth, and the application of tongue to clit. The redhead’s body seizes with excitement, and thighs release with at their owner’s glee from being one step closer to ceasing Goldie’s affair with her husband, continuing her own with her rival’s, and having she who dared resist her as a slave with which to fuck and wrestle, when moments of desire strike.


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