1 thought on “Discord Sexy Writing Challenge #1

  1. DrewPowell says:

    Walking down the beach, people often looked at the trikini clad girl, holding a conch to her ear as if she were to hear the ocean. Little could they know the longing she felt doing it.

    Those, who do know her, call her Sarah, the late afternoon sunlight caressing her hair, alternating between honey blonde and light chestnut, depending on angle and light strength.

    The one thing passersby could discern was the hearing aid she wore on both ears. Today, like any day for the past 3 weeks, nothing Sarah does is left to chance. She met Bonnie in college and they were madly in love, until… she met Lexi.

    Both young women took civil rights classes for the deaf and hard of hearing. Where Bonnie was deaf from birth, Sarah suffered from tinnitus until she had her surgery.

    Lexi’s father owned a frozen food company, so The Girl With The Silver Spoon could have had anything. She wanted Bonnie. She wooed her, but like any spoiled child, eventually she got bored with her, and dumped her in the very beach house that Sarah had in her field of vision.

    The heartbroken Bonnie could not muster facing up to what she did to her relationship with Sarah, nor could she easily overcome her love and she moved to the other end of the country.

    Five years went since by. Sarah always told hearing friends that listening to the conch is like hearing the rush of the sea in her ears too. Sometimes she wished she could just describe her love for Bonnie the same way.

    She spent years to infiltrate Lexi’s social circles, updated her wardrobe, changed certain mannerisms to become unrecognizable. She hired Paul as a fake boyfriend as the guy had pedigree from a family who lost their status due to the mismanagement on Paul’s father’s behalf, who was tricked by Lexi’s father.

    This new woman has come to reinvent herself, to lure Lexi into an in flagrante delicto and have a legit reason to bitchfight her in front of her friends.


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