Hands of Their Rival

It had been a simple play date for their children. A lazy Sunday, where two mothers could spend some time sway from their husbands, and relax, letting their sons and daughters distract each other, so that they two could relax in lawn chairs, tan their bodies, and talk – something that both matriarchs needed after a hard week at work.

But in their words and gossip, secrets and lies were revealed, accidentally – carelessly, setting fire to each other’s hearts and rage into each other’s souls. For both, had been sleeping with the other’s husband, not a tit-for-tat, but instead in two simultaneous and ongoing acts of betrayal.

Now they fight viciously, bitterly, trying to kill each other, after having stripped the bathing suits from each other’s bodies. And as their terrified children look on in horror, screaming for them to stop, they struggle against each other with no thoughts of mercy, or willingness to stop, were the other to submit. It will be the end for one or both of them on this day, their life/lives ended at the hands of their rival, one which did not know they had until a moment before they engaged.


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