Feedback: Quick Hits 2

HankMcCoy02 in reference to Peace Talks: “I just read this one on your website. I fucking love this story. One of the sexiest tales I’ve read in years…”

A. Penman in reference to When Life Starts: Chapter 2: “Hi!I just read When Life Starts: Chapter 2.  I must say, to my mind you are the most pure writer on the board!  Your wording is colorful, unique and even as I’ve said before, lyrical.  Even when you use a recognizable phrase, you manage to turn it into something unique and wonderful, humorous and just plain brilliant!”…she read her mind and then told her what was inside.’ is just one example.  That one “stopped me in my tracks.”      And may I say that your Trump reference was hilarious…I’d been thinking about referencing him for a while, but it would not have been a contextual or time frame match to what was going on in the story.Keep up the amazing work!All the best,A. Penman”

VivianFuller from FCF: “Hello! I really, really enjoy your works! Especially your titfights, like the beach fight and the stepsisters fight.”

Thera from FCF: “Which ones I loved the most? Where Waves and Breasts Crash, I loved the chance meeting and instant rivalry that it sparked followed by the single-minded titfight. Plus it ended in a stalemate which is a big plus in my book. Parent-Teacher Confluence, the emotions and anger where well described and it felt great. I read your latest, Peace Talks, yesterday and it was great even if I was expecting a draw as they passed out in each other’s arms in some poetic allusion to the middle East dragging on and on”

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