A Single Day

Julie and Erica had both spent the past year as volunteers at the local library. It was a quiet place, where they could not only accrue credits towards their English BAs, but also get away from the hustle and bustle of their sorority halls. Or, at least that is what their time there was SUPPOSED to be – a dream, and a delusion that ended quickly. For you see, Julie and Erica were amicable girls, who kept their nose in their books and got along with almost everyone – everyone except each other. There were many reasons why they each had such a visceral disdain for the other, and if you ever asked them, they’d tell you.

She’s just a bitch. She’s sleeping with the teacher for her grades. She only got into this school because of her daddy. She purposely wears the same dresses I do. She thinks she is so hot.

So, suffice it to say, that when they found out that they two would be working together in the library for a whole year, alone with each other, they were each more than a little upset. In fact, they were beside themselves. They couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t tolerate it. They just couldn’t..

But, as days turned to night, and their start dates approached, they each separately decided to give it a chance. Each thinking they could just ignore the other. That they could do their job, and go home.

It only took a day. A single day, for the two to be locked in a scissor with the other, grinding their pussies together, focused on forcing the other to submit — to cum.

It wasn’t planned or calculated, instead, it just happened. A shoulder bump. A caught sneer. Skirts catching on each other from static. It was as if the world and the verse wanted them to war, and so they did. And so they do. Julie and Erica, lost in each other, using all of their will, and skill to force the other to cum, and to admit, forever and always, that their rival is their better. So far, two and a half hours have elapsed, and neither girl has allowed herself bliss. And though the sun sets outside, and another day at the library quickly approaches, they cling to each other, unwilling to let another moment go by, where dominance between the two is unsettled.

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  1. Giannis says:

    Wonderful idea ! Turn it to a full story please, all the juicy details to be present !!


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