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“I tend not to give feedback to many often and that’s because I simultaneously don’t want to be harsh to people who have the guts to put their intimate desires into the public sphere for us all to enjoy but am also pretty picky about what I like. That’s why it’s always a pleasure to find a writer that I can send praise of a gushing and over the top nature to. You are one of those writers. The stories I’ve read of yours are consistently detailed, erotic and stir something inside my sick mind that hits the sweet spot in ways I never knew were possible. (Seriously, the whole racial element of your last few fights is so taboo and I’d never even considered anything like that before but it made the fights feel so much more consequential and psychologically important)

Primarily, I am writing this because of the post you put up the other day about trying to cut down on the length of your stories. My simple (and humble) advice would be to make sure that you don’t compromise on the things that make you unique and great in favour of trying to reach a broader audience. Based on how you phrased your words I feel like you’re conscious of this too so I don’t have major qualms that you’re suddenly going to drop off or anything but I feel it needs saying nonetheless. As I said earlier, I can be pretty picky and that is because there are literally hundreds of stories out there of the cookie cutter variety. All cover the same approximate ground and rehashed storylines in roughly the same amount of words.

Honestly it’s like there’s a list of sentences and they’re all just trying to compete to order them in a slightly different way. If you did want to do shorter style though, I’d recommend going down the route of girls giving quicker rather than anything else. The build up and genuine care you take with setting up animosity it great and I’d hate for you to stop that. And the post match stuff…don’t even think about touching that glorious bit 😉. It can be entirely organically done and it doesn’t have to be every fight but I’d hardly say it’d be out of the question to have the occasional fight where the competitors aren’t the superhuman tough warrioresses that you normally portray and don’t last as long. I know that merely saying keep doing what you’re doing is hardly the most constructive of criticisms but really that’s all I can say.

Not everyone will appreciate the longer form style you use but personally I’d feel better about serving that more invested (I hesitate to use the words ‘more sophisticated’ for fear of sounding arrogant) group than those looking for a quick 5 minute fix. Anyway I recognise that I’m perhaps coming off as though I’m telling you what to do or expecting you to go down a certain path but that’s not my intention. I will be following your progress regardless because you write amazing stories and I’m certain you will continue to do so in the future. Thanks and keep it up!”

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