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So recently, in a conversation with Sprite, it was brought up to me that it was surprising how often I relay ideas, at least to them, via sharing videos from my vast collection.

I’ll, say: wait I have a video! And then, after Sprite has watched it, I’ll say: “ok, did you see the part where…”.

Which is interesting in two ways. One, in that it means I would rather let someone watch a similar scene play out, than try to explain it. But also, that a lot of my actual in-fight interactions come from videos or imagery I have seen. Given that, I wanted to give a list of those producers that have influenced my take on sexy.


1. California Wildcatswww.CaliforniaWildcats.com : Now, they seem to be closed now, for reorganization. But I haven’t really liked their recent work, so in a way, that doesn’t really matter. If you love sexfights, this producer made videos that will drive you insane. The acting in them is pretty good, and the scenarios are more thought out than any other producers I have ever seen. And whereas their recent models have been way too pre-pubescent for me, their old stable of models were THE fight genre models. Tori Sinclair, Tanya Danielle, Goldie, Devon Michaels, and on and on. Really, if you haven’t checked middle-ages work out, do so.

2. Xtreme Female Fightinghttp://xtremefemalefighting.com/ : When one star falls another rises. This producer has really taken the place of California Wildcats in terms of sexfight videos. Now, their work is more hit or miss, and on occasion made a little nails-on-a-chalkboard by the directives of their custom video requesters, but if you can sift, they have some videos that will melt you. For example, Abigail Mac vs. Christie Stevens 1 and 2 are INCREDIBLE! Watch them. You’ll be left in a puddle — promise.

3. JM Rolenhttps://www.jmrolen.com/ : Now, apart from horrible acting, the videos made by this producer are great. Whoever is directing the fights really understands what sexfight and titfight fans want, even if they can’t deliver on the seriousness we enjoy because of the acting. Another plus is they have a GIANT selection and even a membership you can subscribe to to download a tone of pictures. So as long as you go in knowing about the acting, you’ll love their stuff.


1. Battle Belles https://www.battlebelles.com/ : I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love this website’s work. Beautiful, unique, and diverse models. Great facial expressions and poses. Cheap photo shoots. Awesome terms of use. Go there.

2.Foxy Combat http://foxycombat.com/ : Ok, so, where as all of Battle Belles fights are made up of a series of poses, sexy poses, but still poses, Foxy Combat is real. SUPER REAL. Sometimes, that makes their videos brutal, incredible, and intense beyond descriptions. Other times, it makes them hard to watch, especially if violence is more sex to you in theory than in practice. The girls cry, scream out in pain, and punish each other from what looks like actual flares of temper. Now, the fights are never just like punching brawls where intimacy is lost. Instead they are more like intense wrestling and body-to-body catfighting. Will you like it? It depends on if you want your catfight real, or playful. If it’s the former, get ready to leak.

3. Sleeper Kid’s World: This is where I would be linking you to sleeperkidsworld. But every time I try to navigate to their web page, either directly or through Google, my various virus software’s tell me the page is trying to install malware on my computer. Now that’s probably something specific to my setup, but regardless. They have a giant library. And though I feel like the Sleeper Kid and I have different angles on the fight fetish, about half the time we sync up and it’s incredible. My favorites are Exhaustion 1 and 2, the first being one of my videos ever.


1. See JM Rolen above.

2. Goldie’s Clip Storeclips4sale.com/14602 : Yes, I listed above actual video producers, but the new way is for models to make their own videos, and publish them on their own. I have recently found most of my video purchases by just scrolling my Rivals_Rapture Twitter timeline. The models post links to the videos and previews, and though you have to sift through feet stuff, bondage, and some off-target fetish videos, eventually you get catfights, sexfights, and titfights. Goldie’s are probably the most on point, especially for titfights. Also check out: Tilly McReese‘s clips, though more for catfights and sexfights than titfights: clips4sale.com/121155 . My recommendation is Trouble on the Homefront or something like that.

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