State of the Sexy – Post Transfer – Twitter Updates

Welcome Home, Rivals!

The transfer is complete. The SSL certificate has been figured out, purchased, and installed.

And now, all there is to do is fix every single image on the site because something about the URL transfer broke them! :,(

And yet still, I smile. 🙂

Please message me about any errors you experience navigating the site.

And remember, even if you get a 404 error when clicking a link, you can still get to that story through the menus at the top or right corner of the screen.

We’ll get ‘em all ironed out.

Also, the search engines are going to be sending you to blog posts that no longer exist for months.

I can’t change that, except by reposting those blog posts. A venture which will also take months.


Calm after the storm? Nah, still plenty to do.

First: I transferred the Rivalsrapture domain back to WordPress, as our new host charges for every SSL certificate at 80$ a pop. WP, the host, assigns them for free and people will still be hitting that URL for a while.

So, you’ll be seeing a security warning on that domain (rivalsrapture . com) until the transfer takes. Which can be 6-48 hours. So, sorry about that.

On the positive tilt though, http://Fights.Sexy is certified and 100% online again.

Second: The forum and chat are back! Now, the chat seems as easy to get into as before, but the WordPress logins you made for the old site, may or may not be working. I’m getting differing reports.

Regardless, you know how to use the net. Just sign up again.

Third: I moved the chat app to the left side of the page, as this new site has a little pink button at the bottom right corner which lets you fly up to the top of the page in a blink. Very useful, and I didn’t want to lose its functionality.

1 thought on “State of the Sexy – Post Transfer – Twitter Updates

  1. Drew Powell says:

    So, as things now stand, because I could make a account, I can follow this site and will be updated on new posts.

    It’s not yet connected to the site, but you can discuss that with your host provider.

    My opinion on the forum is less harsh, than that of others, but it is still an issue, that being in the chat, commenting on the blog and being in the forum means 3 screen names.

    I’m only talking about issues others have raised as well.


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