State of the Sexy – Day 2

Alright, Rivals — I believe our long journey home has been completed. I know I said that before, and it turned out to be a bit premature, and so I wanted to tell you why. The following is only for those who really want the technical details. No sexy below.

So when you use WordPress as a hosting service they automatically issue SSL certificates to any URL’s you point at their servers. An SSL certificate is what tells your browser that a specific site is safe to visit.

When we transferred the URL, immediately, all of you got warnings from your browser that the site was malicious and not-safe to visit. That is because we had lost WordPress’ SSL certificate.

I assumed our new host would issue an SSL certificate, but to make sure, after I hit the transfer URL go buttons, I reached out to our new host. Who, promptly told me it wasn’t their problem “it’s a problem with your website.” As vague and unhelpful as that was, I went in search of a way to get an SSL certificate and found a site called, who sold instant SSL certificates. I, purchased such a certificate, and after about 4 hours of toil, got it installed.

All seemed mine for me, and most of you. But, I then started getting messages from people in Europe saying that they were continuing to get the warning. I then went back to and said, what the fudge nugget? They said there was a problem with my installation, and told me to fix it. I did my best to do as the tech person said, but reached an impasse when he was telling me to install something my host said did not need to be installed.

Trying to move past that stickiness, only resulted in making the situation worse, as the tech actually voided the SSL we had (half-effective as it was) and was like: “go ahead and do all the word you had done before again.”

I voiced my frustration, but he ignored me. So, I went back to my host and basically said. Look, I know you said this isn’t your problem, but I will pay for it to be your problem (which they had not told me was an option before, I just tried it out of desperation). Lol, at which point, they took on the task, issued proper SSL.certificates, and, in the process, gave us a dedicated IP.

Now, that dedicated IP used to belong to someone else. A site named Which, in an odd twist of fate (think Peace Talks), many of you were sent to when we made the IP switch.

I can only imagine how confusing, and almost scary that misadventure was, and I apologize for it. Believe me, I was screaming at our host to make that stop and to at least give me a no-page splash screen until the migration had completed.

It is now my understanding that everything is right once more, and that when you go to our URL, you are finding our page. Yay.

The last two weeks have been incredibly stressful and exhausting, but hopefully … finally … it is all over. lol.

Time to get back to the sexy!

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