Perhaps After….

She looks almost exactly like you, and yet it is she that stands in your way.

In her eyes you see the same love, the same emotion, the same sadness that churns within you, but it is exactly that which makes you hate her.

Her lips are no less supple than your own, each calling for you to kiss them sweetly, softly, lovingly, and yet it those very lips that she wraps around your boyfriend’s cock.

From her very first strand of hair, to her perfectly pedicured toenails, which look to be painted the same shade of red as yours, you find her enticing beyond measure, and yet….

And yet you must battle her, best her, beat her, all whilst resisting your urge to fall under her spell. Such a burden she shares, as she finds herself struggling with same desires, ones which flow through her with no less intensity.

But perhaps after … after you have used your clit to break hers. After you have bent her nipples with your own. After you have shown her that it is you who can better use your tongue, both in kiss, and cunnilingus, you and she may begin anew.

As friends, as lovers, or with she as your slave, and you as her master.

1 thought on “Perhaps After….

  1. Giannis says:

    Hot !!
    The text which is following the photo is also great.


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